Why we built TaskyCal?

For years, the digital calendar has remained unchanged - static, non-actionable, and neglected. It never received any attention to evolve and improve.

But we've had enough. The poor digital calendar needed an update to better serve our needs and compete with traditional paper calendars.

Unfortunately, most calendar apps offer no significant advantages over paper calendars. However, this is where TaskyCal steps in. We have revolutionized the digital calendar by transforming static blocks into actionable time blocks. TaskyCal intelligently reminds you of tasks to be done and even uses AI to find those precious 15 minutes in your busy day for errands or meetings.

Additionally, we discovered that the majority of calendar apps are not made in the US. This can lead to problems if your data is lost or you require urgent customer service. With TaskyCal, you can rest assured as we reside and operate in America, and we are always available to assist with any issues.

Join us and experience the TaskyCal difference - made with 🩡 in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡².